Through the forests of Leitzalarrea

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Leitzarrea occupies half of the area of ​​the town of Leitza. Leitza sits in Leitzarrea meadow.  It is a forest of beech and oak groves, in which megalithic monuments abound. Over the centuries mining activity was also abundant in this area. Currently, livestock and forestry are the main economic activities carried out.

Beginning of route: Astotrek (Berastegi)

End of route: Astotrek (Berastegi)

“Leitzalarrea, the mount and the meadows of the leitzarras” Some recommendations for the way

Among the oak groves of the Ixkibar recreational area you will find tables, a barbecue, a fountain and streams, as well as the possibility of sleeping on the open hut of the Guardetxea mountain.

In the Izaieta area, two kilometers from Ixkibar, you will find about 50 giant fir trees and many more trees. It is a very special place. Two kilometers from the Ixkibar picnic area.

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  • Distance10,1 km
  • Route typeCircular
  • DifficultyMedium
  • Slope290 m
Where to sleep with donkeys?

We propose suitable accommodations to go with donkeys. The reservations will be made by you.

Iruso Landetxea


Open mountain refuge in Ixkibar

Ixkibar mendia

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