The beauty and glorious past of the Leitzaran Valley

Full day route

Nature, forest, green, humidity, streams, but also remains of a relevant industrial past, mines, forges, stations, bridges, tunnels… Another way to get to know the Leitzaran Protected Biotope.

Beginning of route: Astotrek (Berastegi)

End of route: Andoain. It can also be done the other way around.

A good route to do a day

The start can be from Astotrek or Andoain (Parque Otieta) EUSK (Otieta Parkea) and the donkey will be taken to the beginning or the end of the route. Keep in mind that pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles walk on the Greenway, so you always have to be careful with animals. To drive along the Greenway it is necessary to carry a flashlight.

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  • Distance19,8 km
  • Route typeLinear
  • DifficultyMedium
  • Slope400 m

Do you want to do some other route that you like?

The itineraries that we propose can be adapted to your tastes and aspirations. The Camino de Santiago, the GR12 Camino del País Vasco, the Aralar crossing… there are many other options. Write to us and we will help you shape your idea.

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