Our model

“Another way of traveling, accompanying the donkeys to enjoy nature in another way”

Astotrek's philosophy, in addition to traveling in a sustainable way, is the result of our life trajectory: eating what is grown in our own garden, connecting with nature, living more peacefully and in a way that is respectful of nature and animals, or enriching ourselves from relationships.

Traveling to the rhythm of the donkeys connects you with nature and reinforces values ​​based on respect

Aritz and Elena, fellow travelers

We have been traveling together for more than half our lives, discovering new cultures and ways of life and enjoying what nature offers us. That's what we like the most.

The Alps, Andes, Himalayas... In 2014 and 2015 we traveled through 22 countries in Asia, Oceania and America, taking only the most basic items with us. We decided our next destination based on what we felt at each moment.

“Two years
all over
the world”

From then on we decided to become more aware of our lives and relate more closely to the earth. In a small farm in Berastegi we put a vegetable garden and some animals for self-consumption (chickens, rabbits, sheep...) and Luki, our mule.

The GR12 journey as a starting point

Our dream began to take shape in 2020. We equipped Luki with panniers and made an eight-day journey through the Pyrenees spending the night in the mountain huts. We were fascinated by the experience and decided to offer this way of traveling to other people, in this wonderful place where we live.

The care and welfare of the donkey as the basis of our project.
We educate donkeys with respect, and that is what we transmit to travelers

The donkeys live free to roam in extensive areas and pastures.

They enjoy pampering and caresses, but to each one in their measure.

They eat grass and leaves. We also give them barley straw and oats to strengthen them.

They don't drink much water, but they always have fresh and clean water.

In winter they stay on the rail to protect themselves from the cold, rain and snow..

We remove the hair and dust that fall with a special brush.

We train the donkeys, walking different paths, passing streams, following orders…

We clean their feet and cut their nails whenever necessary.

Aintzerga Auzoa
20492 Berastegi

How to arrive +34 676 69 15 92
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